120'_oceantugThis tugboat is designed for ocean going service. It features twin screws with controllable pitch propellers (CPP), kort nozzles and high lift rudders. The Hull is welded steel construction and is outfitted for long-range ocean towing / general purpose towing. The vessel is transverse framed with transverse and longitudinal bulkheads, including the collision bulkhead, which extends to the main deck. This boat was designed for reliability. The vessel is flagged in the Registry of the United States of America and complies with all applicable rules and regulations. The specifications can be found below:

Depth @ midship:19Ft
Design Draft:15.25Ft
Bollard Pull:80Tons
Fuel Oil:146,400Gallons
Lube Oil:1,100Gallons
Hydraulic Oil:1,200Gallons
Waste Oil:2,200Gallons
Fresh Water:17,700Gallons