ATB combined

This barge is part of the articulated tug-barge system or ATB. The barge has a notch at the stern which a specific tugboat can fit into and provide the propulsion and steering for the system. The benefit of this type of arrangement is an increase in speed and/or a reduction in fuel consumption when compared to a traditional tug towing a barge. There is also a real savings in construction costs associated with this type of equipment. The Barge and Tug can be built in yards that specialize in this type of construction. The individual units are smaller in size, are quicker to produce and are less complicated than a comparable ship. This particular barge is designed to fit our 120′ articulated tugboat, and can be scaled to accommodate more fuel or even carry a different type of cargo altogether. The vessel particulars can be found below:

Design Draft:32Ft

The ATB system: