The Brandon Bordelon is the third in a series of OSVs and is the most complex of them all. The ultra Light Intervention Vessel (ULIV) is unique in its design, with a slim bow and high superstructure, this allows the vessel to have an unprecedented fuel consumption and allows for ample cargo room. A mezzanine deck attached aft of the superstructure provides office space for clients and operators and has its own ROV control room. Below are some of the unique features of the Brandon Bordelon:


  • 60T SMST deck crane
  • DP-2
  • 2 Work Class ROVs
  • Removable sections of bulwarks and crane boom rest
  • Water maker unit
  • Helideck


This particular vessel is designed to suit most offshore needs and can modified to suit a clients interests. The ship’s particulars can be found in the table below:

 255' x 52' x 18' 
Deadweight:3,285Long Tons
Gross Tonnage:2,122
Main deck area:6,170Sq. Feet
Drill Water:250,000Gallons
Potable Water:23,000Gallons
Max Speed:14.5Knots
Service Speed:12Knots
Fuel Consumption (Service Speed):86Gallons/Hr.