120' Crane Barge

This vessel is designed with the inland market in mind. It can either be equip ed with a crawler crane or a fixed crane. The spud can be modified to accommodate either arrangement. The crane it’s currently designed for is a 40 ton cylindrical base crane with a boom of 70 feet. The observation deck is the perfect location for a manager to direct crane operations while giving them a complete view of the situation. Some uses for the barge are:

  • Pipe Laying and Repair
  • Inland Construction
  • Vessel Salvage


The vessel also comes equipped with some amenities which include the following:

  • HVAC
  • Onboard Workshop
  •  Welding Machine
  • Water Treatment
  • Below Deck storage
  • Crew Quarters with galley


The vessel particulars can be found in the table below:

Design Draft:5.75Ft
Deadweight Capacity:180LT
Freshwater:300Cubic Feet
Ballast:15,000Cubic Feet