Named Ship of the Year by Workboat magazine, The Connor Bordelon features a slim bow design that allows for the best fuel consumption of any vessel in the same class. The high superstructure is designed to provide the most accommodation space possible while keeping plenty of room for the cargo area. This design can be scaled in any way to allow for more cargo space, or a smaller design. The following characteristics are for the Connor Bordelon and are subject to change for a new build depending on specifications:

255' x 52' x 18'
Gross Tonnage:2,157GRT
Deck Area:8140Sq. Feet
Design Speed:12Knots
Max Speed:14.5Knots
Fresh Water:23,000Gallons
Liquid Mud:10,400BBLS
Drill Water:240,000Gallons
Dry Bulk:4,000Cubic Feet
Fuel Consumption (design speed):86Gallons/hr.

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