Articulated tugboats, are designed to lock in with articulated barges. Articulated tug barges (ATBs) consist of a tank vessel (barge) and a large, powerful tug that is positioned in a notch at the stern of the barge. Since the tugboat is locked into a notch, it essentially becomes part of the vessel, acting as the propulsion system. The hydrodynamic properties of the tug are irrelevant once the tugboat is locked into the notch. The barge provides all the hull form for the ATB system. With this in mind, we developed this design to incorporate the use of flat plates. The entire hull can be constructed with flat plates, thus requiring minimal effort when building, because none of the plates need to be bent with a roller. This also helps with cutting, as plates will be easily measured and won’t require complex NC codes for routing. The dimensions and specifications for this tugboat can be found in the table below:


The ATB system: ATB combined