Based on a crew boat design, this high speed research vessel is a versatile boat. The propulsion system is powered by three MYU/DDC 16V 4000 engines (2,380 HP @ 2100 RPM) that drive three Hamiliton water jets. The drive train between the engines and jets consisted of remote, hard mounted, ZF model BW755 reverse/reduction gear coupled to the engines through a flexible Centa coupling. Cardan shaft assemblies manufactured by Driveline, Inc. completed the link between the gears and waterjets. The combined components resulted in a high speed, vibration free vessel. The less than 300-gross ton vessel is of all aluminum construction and has an ABS unlimited load-line. The unusual vessel is fitted with a Hydra-Pro model 40/18K hydraulic pedestal crane with a capacity of 18 L. tons, at 10’ and 4 LT @ 40’. The helo deck, designed to handle a 6,000 lb. helicopter also provides shelter for two 20’x8’ scientific modules. Special deck reinforcements allow movement of these modules around the aft deck and over the stern to shore. The vessel is equipped with two tender vessels. The larger vessel is a 28’ aluminum Packman jet drive landing craft, built by Munson Manufacturing. The second tender is a smaller RIB type vessel. The vessel can be scaled in to suit clients needs and outfitted with or without the helideck. The particulars found below are based on a previously built vessel and are subject to change depending on build:

 163' x 32' x 13.5' 
Lightship:191Long Tons
Fully loaded:370Long Tons
Design Speed:20Knots
Max Speed:32Knots
Potable Water:500Gallons
Range:4,000Nautical Miles